My First Blog Post.

My name is Jina Villalobos, I am originally from Corpus Christi, Texas but have lived for a couple of years in the out skirts of Ft. Hood, Texas being Killeen with my brother and his family. I am currently a full-time criminal justice student at del mar college on the mind quest of dropping out or, more stating it as “a long break from real life.” I have not completely made up my mind yet on what i want in life or what i would like to do for the rest of my life although, i do have ideas that seem to be or are certainly very difficult or almost impossible to achieve. But nevertheless that hasn’t stopped me yet or should i more positively say, before.

My plan with this whole idea and concept of this blog is to mainly talk about travel which i actively do and love (not as much as i would like to of course), beauty, since being a part-time freelancer at mac and a personal freelance makeup artist over a few years I have come across some nice rather helpful tips for anyone and everyone, and dabble a bit in fashion. Chic trendy sleek looks in fashion as well as vintage thrifty finds have always drawn my attention so I like to express my creative ideas and looks on it.

I plan to have this as my starting platform to start branching out on what i actually plan on doing as a whole. My goal to currently achieve is to be socially active on all possible social media platforms as i can, involving my blog and what i am wanting to share with everyone. After all, you all are the ones reading it.img_8102-jpg-1.jpegimg_7944


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