The Great State of California.

From the days November 25th-28th in 2015, which was also during thanksgiving. After just turning 19 ,23 days prior. I decided to take my very first trip of my own by myself, which in fact wouldn’t have even happened after a series of unfortunate events(and no that isn’t relating to your substantial feeling if that was a remark over the Netflix original, good call although.)

 Being here for such a short amount of time was hard for me considering i was trying to do the most i could within my entire stay. I booked my entire stay at the omni hotel downtown in San Diego right next to gaslamp quarter which was a sight of its own. Since being an employee at the time with my host hotel in my city they offered me a generous discounted rate and of course i had to take advantage of what was given.

My first day traveling to San Diego was an adventure of its own considering i have not flown since about the age of 10 (give or take) when i went to Hawaii with my family, which was also the first time i had ever flown in my life. When i did fly that time i was airsick the entire flight, which wasn’t a pretty sight and of course scared me for life but what could i do, while not being in control of my own body. So as i boarded my flight out of corpus i was sure to over dose on dramamine (figuratively speaking) to not give the opportunity of my body to get airsick.

As i arrived in Houston and boarded my next plane to San Diego, i wasn’t completely aware of my surroundings considering i basically took half a bottle of dramamine just a few hours prior and was overly drowsy. I found my seat on the plane and the couple beside me had noticed we had originally boarded together in corpus and his wife which was sitting directly next to me started a casual small talk conversation with me about what were my plans in San Diego and vise versa. Being told my entire life not to talk to strangers and not to believe what everyone on the street tells you (especially being from corpus), and going into this trip by myself and being such a young female i had a mind set of having extreme cautiousness through out my entire experience of this trip. I noticed while talking to this couple and answering their questions i was given a self choice to either open up as a person and continue the conversation or to just shut the conversation down by giving short answer statements. I decided to go with my gut and make an adult decision for myself by continuing my conversation with them. For me to decide their true intentions as people and why they were so intrigued with my trip and were wanting to know every inclined detail because in all honesty it was creepy at first. Nevertheless i told them everything they wanted to know and from my perspective and what they had told me about themselves i had concluded that she was a body builder and personal trainer in my home town and her husband was a well known insurance agent for state farm on the south side of town. They had also mentioned they were as well staying in the omni hotel, and next thing you know i had a voluntarily new pair of adoptive parents. They had refused to let me out of their site while i was in the airport and demanded that they give me a ride in their rental car to our hotel. As i’m following them to baggage claim all i can think about in my head is “what did i get myself into.” We finally arrived to the hotel and she demanded we exchange numbers to know that i’m safe and doing ok and if i needed anything to feel free to call them and they would be willing to help. Needless to say i never actually did call them for help but instead sent them a message their way to say thanks. This being my actual first experience and interaction in the city i had, i was very optimistic that the rest of the trip was going to be good and it sure as hell was.

My first two days in San Diego i spent roaming around by foot in gaslamp quarter and went to local plazas and shops including the Westfield Horton Plaza, the headquarters at seaport district, and seaport village. I was able to indulge in a nice salted caramel brownie sundae at the well known Ghirardelli chocolate and ice cream shop in Gaslamp square, which by the way is the best sundae i have ever had to this day. Being my first day i had no idea of where to eat at in downtown san diego coming from a place where theres a fast food chain on every corner. I decided to eat locally at a nice sushi restaurant and needless to say i was back almost every day of my stay during lunch time.

The following day i spent in La Jolla, California which was promisingly just as beautiful as the photographs. i spent half of the day roaming around La Jolla beach and cove, and got to experience what nature has to offer and see some stinky yet cute seals or as id like to call them “water dogs”. I then took an Uberx back to San Diego which was a 22 minute ride for a surprising $20 which i thought was on the cheap side which i have no problem with at all.

My last day in San Diego I decided to take a 3 1/2 hour Amtrak train ride bright and early to experience the great city of Los Angeles. Of course with my luck the train traveling in front of us had derailed and fell on the tracks and broke them (don’t worry everyone was ok) so almost half way through my ride in Oceanside i had to board a charter bus provided by the company that then took us to Los Angeles but of course extended our traveling time which caused me to have less roaming around time in LA.

My first stop was at the Morphe Brushes store in Burbank (of course) and i stood in line for about an hour until i was let in. I was told they only allow 20-25 people in the store at one time to decrease the amount of theft that goes on. I spent around $250 within the store and let me just say it was worth every penny. I later realized they had online coupon codes that you can as well use in store which at the time would’ve been a great tip to know, but i still enjoyed my time there.

As soon as i got off my Uber in Hollywood Highland from Burbank i decided to take a tour to see the most i could in the short amount of time i had left so i went on the classic starlight tour. On the tour i got to see lots of cinema landmarks as well as over 40 celebrities homes which was a neat site to see. After i bought a ticket to madame tussauds hollywood wax museum and truth be told it wasn’t the greatest site to see in the world but it did give me some time to waste. After the museum i went back to the union station and boarded my train back to San Diego and the next morning i was on a plane back home.

Needless to say i fell in love with the entire state of California with the short amount of time i was there. I mostly enjoyed and loved the San Diego area the most and have promised myself that i will live here for a part of my life in the future.


  • Eat locally, trust me it will save you a lot of money.
  • Travel wisely (walking, amtrak, metro) definitely cheaper then ubers even though they weren’t too bad.
  • Pack light.
  • Avoid purses and use a backpack or tote.
  • Try to travel like a local, it’ll make your experience seem more worth it.
  • Don’t worry about dressing to impress, be comfortable. 99% of the time you wont see these people ever again, so it wont matter.

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