Tiny Little Gem in West Texas.

Growing up i had the pleasure of being introduced to a small quaint little town in west Texas known as Marfa, with the population of 1,981 and being on highway 90 it was definitely an easy to miss, in the blink of an eye type of town. After years of not visiting the town i decided to take a 7 1/2 hour trip back with my mother.  Thanks to having very close family friends that lived here i had the opportunity to explore the area myself and see how much the town had grown and what it has to offer now since the time i had been absent.

Going in i started to realize that Marfa had gained a numerous amount of popularity over the years after contemporary artists and artisans, and as well as famous celebrities coming to visit. It is now known as a town for minimalist art, and gathers all types of different artists from all over the world. This town has a lot to offer to artists and has lots of different sites to capture for photographers. Marfa is also known as the home to the odd Marfa mystery lights which have been under research forever and currently scientists do not have an explanation for the weird phenomenon that goes on here. Considering these lights the town of Marfa decided to embrace this phenomenon by hosting a yearly Marfa mystery lights festival that occurs every September in honor of the lights.

My first stop of course, was the world renowned famous sculpture of “Prada Marfa” or as the internet calls it “the Prada store in the middle of nowhere.” That indeed it is, the funniest thing about this piece is that not only is it centrally located in the middle of nowhere, but that it even isn’t located in the town of Marfa as the sign of the sculpture states. It is actually located on the outskirts of an even smaller town named Valentine, Texas which is approximately a 30 minute drive from Marfa itself but definitely worth it. However, this is a must see landmark for anyone in the area or anyone planning to travel to Marfa.

My next stop was “Hotel Paisano” it is quaint cute little hotel that in what is known as downtown Marfa and is also reported to be haunted. I stopped in their gift shop that expands into about 6 rooms total and has plenty to offer for anyone looking for a keepsake gift to take home with them. A neat thing about this hotel is that it actually has an art gallery within the hotel itself right besides the gift shop.

Being in the town i wanted to experience some local amenities so i decided to try a local food truck called, “The food Shark.” Being from a city that has a large population of local food trucks that hosts monthly gatherings, i have come across some very odd food. After having my food i had realized that #1, this was the best food i have ever had from any food truck ever to this day and #2, my home town needs to step up its game. This food truck has Mediterranean type of food and it was worth every penny i paid for. Considering this food truck has attracted celebrities including the well known Miss Beyonce it was bound to be good.

Another local place i went to was a small cafe called “Do Your Thing Coffee.” Where i had a cup of coffee and a slice of the most delicious fresh hand made poppy seed pound cake. i believe i spent a total of $8 which was not bad at all considering how delicious everything was, i definitely recommend to everyone that has the chance of trying.

After spending a few days in the town i did realize that Marfa has exceptionally grown since the last time i had been, compared to what it originally was. There is so many local eateries and places to have a quick drink that the town has to offer. If you are the artsy type it is also a distinct place to go to that you will definitely never forget and have never ending inspiration!


  • Be ready to drive, the closest airport is about 3 hours away in El Paso, Texas.
  • Once you are in town feel free to walk everywhere or bike ride, a vehicle will definitely not be necessary within the town limits considering it being so small.
  • Don’t be afraid to make friends there, everyone comes from around the world. Get to know someone, make a new friend, have fun with it.
  • Check out some of the various art galleries the town has to offer.
  • Feel free to go to the local farmers market, lots of local vendors.
  • And if you have the opportunity to come during their festival, take advantage of it and look at all the local vendors and vendors that come from around the world.

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